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100% Pure and Organic Argan Oil for Face

Simply apply few drops of ARMARA Argan oil into your cleansed face and massage it throughly. Repeat day and night.

Use our 100% Real Jade Face Roller for excellent results and higher benefits.

100% Pure and Organic Argan Oil for Hair

Simply apply two or three drops of argan oil into your damped hair and let it rest for few seconds before brushing your hair. This will protect your hair from blow-dry heat, make it smooth and add shine to your hair.
After blow-dry: Apply one drop of argan oil into your hands and rub through out the end of your hair. This will help tame-freeze your hair as well as adding shine making it smoother and healthier.

How to Apply Hair Oil Treatment

Apply few drops of ARMARA Hair Treatment Oil around your scalp to the end of your hair and massage it thoroughly. Let it rest minimum 60 minutes and then shampoo as normal. You can keep it over night as well.. Do Not worry the smell is simply amazing.

Repeat this procedure once or twice a week. Excellent results within few months of applying the oil

How to Apply Prickly Pear Oil

Simply apply two or three drops of ARMARA 100% Organic Prickly Pear Oil around your cleansed face and eyes, use your hands to massage it throughly especially on areas more needed (wrinkles, dark spots, under eye circles) Use our 100% Pure and Real Jade Face Roller for amazing benefits and results.

How to massage your face for maximum benefits

Simply follow these few technique on your face when applying Argan Oil or Prickly Pear Oil.

How to use 100% Pure Jade Face Roller on your face.

Follow these simple steps for maximum benefits of our 100% Jade Face Roller.