waterproof silicon facial cleaner
Waterproof Silicone Facial Cleanser
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Waterproof Silicone Facial Cleanser



Armara Glow Waterproof Silicone Facial Cleanser – 2 in 1 brush – has fine soft bristles on one side and exfoliating silicone pad on the other. This brush is suitable for all skin types. Its great to be used with our Ghassoul Clay Mask – as it will help to exfoliate, scrub and eliminate all impurities, dead skin, blackheads and unwanted oil, leaving the face clean and glowing.

Use this waterproof brush twice a week to massage your face. Can be used with any facial cleanser. Simply add some of your favourite facial cleanser on it and rub gently on your face in circular motion. Wash and rinse with warm water.

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At ARMARA we believe in great service to all our customers. If any of the products has arrived with any difficulty or breakage, we will then exchange it for the same product at no cost.


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