20mg CBD Facial Beauty Paper Sheet Mask (pack of 3)
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20mg CBD Facial Beauty Paper Sheet Mask (pack of 3)



20mg CBD Infused Paper Sheet Mask is enriched with the nourishing benefits of CBD Oil – This beauty paper sheet mask leaves your skin with a revitalized appearance. Its made of hemp leaf extract and avena sativa to help you lock the moisture, repair fine lines and narrow pores.  It deeply hydrates your skin with all the goodness it needs to make your skin glow, firm, elastic and full of vitality.

Contains various plant extract such as hemp and avena sativa which locks moisture, repairs fine lines and narrows pores. Makes the skin firm, elastic, and full of vitality. Suitable for all skin type.

After Cleansing your face, spread mask evenly. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence on your face until it is fully absorbed. Rinsing thereafter is not required.


This CBD Facial Mask comes in a packet of 3.


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